Fingerprinting Services

Fingerprinting Services including:

  • LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Hard Card (ink) fingerprint cards
  • Conversion from hard cards to electronic fingerprints for out-of-state applicants

All Clear Employee Screening is authorized by the FBI and FDLE to provide Electronic LiveScan Fingerprints.

We offer quality mobile and in-office appointments for convenient same day Electronic Fingerprinting utilizing LiveScan.

We submit your fingerprints directly to FDLE for a Level II background check.

Electronic fingerprints provide virtually error free fingerprints.  Our state of the art equipment instantly reads the fingerprints and determines if the print is valid.

State fingerprints can be stored within our secure database up to 6 months for future submissions without having to be fingerprinted again. A re-submission fee will apply.

All Clear Employee Screen can fingerprint you for background checks required by the following entities:

  • AHCA: Agency for Health Care Administration
  • DOE: Department of Education
  • DOH: Department of Health
  • DFS: Division of Securities
  • DHSMV: Department of Motor Vehicles
  • DOR: Department or Revenue
  • DBPR: Division of Professions
  • Department of Children & Families (DCF)
  • Criminal Justice Applicants (examples include – law enforcement, corrections, correction probation officers)
  • Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services
  • Volunteer and Employee Criminal History System (VECHS)
  • Medicaid & Medicare Enrollment & Re-enrollment
  • Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ)
  • Department of Elder Affairs (DOEA)
  • Vendors and Guardian Ad Litem: (examples include – day care center employees, juvenile treatment centers)
  • and many more

*We do not fingerprint for concealed weapons permits


LiveScan electronic fingerprints are necessary for Level II Background checks. Prices range from $41 - $85, depending on requesting agency. Please call (904) 482-1305 for a quick quote.

**We offer the convenience of an easy-to-find, confidential testing facility. From standardized blood work, urine and breath screens, to hair follicle testing, we have you covered. We provide a comfortable, confidential testing facility and quick, accurate results in no time. If you have immediate questions call 904-482-1305, and speak to one of our helpful, knowledgeable and experienced staff members.**