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Fingerprint Instructions | All Clear Employee Screening
We can now take your passport photos! Call to set up an appointment today.

Fingerprint Cards

If you are outside of Florida and are unable to travel to Florida for your LiveScan fingerprinting then Fingerprint Cards are an option. By using All Clear Employee Screening’s Card Scan Processing Service
we can convert a traditional fingerprint card (hard card) into an electronic fingerprint record for you!

The complete cost for this service is $100 and includes the following services: Card Scanning, Electronic Submission, and Level II Background Screening performed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and the FBI. Please note that since we are unable to take your photograph, your background
screening results will not be placed in the AHCA or DOH Clearinghouse. This may result in the need for additional fingerprinting in the future.

If this is the option for you, please follow these steps carefully:

1. Have your fingerprints taken on FBI FD-258 fingerprint card at your local police station/sheriff’s office.
Make certain that the fingerprint scan card is filled out completely and that it is signed by the official taking your fingerprints.

2. Print out the form called: “OUT OF STATE FLORIDA LICENSING APPLICANT”. This form must be filled out completely. The information for the ORI # can be obtained from your employer or the Agency requiring you
to get the background screening performed. This information can usually be found on their website or you
may need to call them for their ORI number. This is required by the FDLE in order for them to know where to send the results of the background screening.

3. Make a legible photo copy of your government issued photo I.D. (passport or driver’s license).

4. Mail the fingerprint card(s), the completed form, the legible copy of your government issued photo ID,
and your payment of $100 (Certified Check or Money Order only) to:

10365 Hood Rd South Suite 103
Jacksonville, FL 32257

If necessary, arrangements for Credit Card payment may be made prior to mailing these documents by calling: 904-482-1305 and speaking with Holly, Vivian, or Steve.

Out of State Florida Licensing Applicant

Full Name* (Required)

Mailing Address* (Required)

City, State, Zip* (Required)

Phone Number* (Required)

Email Address* (Required)

Date of Birth* (Required)

Place of Birth* (Required)

Country of Citizenship* (Required)

Gender* (Required)

Race* (Required)

Height* (Required)

Weight* (Required)

Eye Color* (Required)

Hair Color* (Required)

ORI #* (Required)

By signing below I agree that I have verified the information above and that it is correct. I further agree that if at some future point resubmittal of my fingerprints is necessary due to an error in the information I have verified, All Clear Employee Screening will not resubmit my fingerprints without payment for the resubmittal. I also understand that since All Clear Employee Screening is unable to take my photograph, which results in my background screening results not being placed in the AHCA or DOH Clearinghouse, this may require me to have additional fingerprinting in the future.

Full Name* (Required)

Date* (Required)


Click below to download, complete, and send the Out of State Florida Licensing Applicant form to All Clear Employee Screening.


All Clear Employee Screening Out of State Florida Licensing Applicant Fingerprint-Instructions Out of State Form