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All Clear Employee Screening | Drug and Alcohol Testing Services in Jacksonville, Florida
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All Clear Employee Screening…
Serving the Greater Jacksonville Community

All Clear Employee Screening specializes in laboratory collection services for businesses and individuals. We can help you settle issues of paternity, identify if your teen is using drugs, pre-screen job applicants and provide DNA testing for any need. All Clear is your one-stop shop for Level II Background Screens, including LiveScan electronic fingerprints. We offer a multi-panel drug screen, alcohol and DNA testing services at a competitive price. Integrity, professionalism and accuracy comprise our main mission — and you can trust us to remain on the cutting edge of an ever-evolving drug screening industry. As new and more sensitive tests are brought to market, All Clear Employee Screening will remain at the forefront of technology with the expertise to interpret your tests.

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We offer the convenience of an easy-to-find, confidential testing facility. From standardized blood work to hair follicle testing, we provide a comfortable, confidential testing facility and quick, accurate results in no time. If you have immediate questions call 904-482-1305, and speak to one of our helpful, knowledgeable and experienced staff members.


Standard Drug Testing Panels

Whether it’s a 5-panel or 10-panel, we can test for “traditional” drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc. We can also test for prescription drugs.

Synthetic Drug Testing Panels

Many newer, synthetic drugs on the market typically used by teens are not detectable through a standard drug test. We perform synthetic drug testing to detect these substances as well. Kratom, K2, Bath Salts are just a few.

Hair Follicle Testing & Fingernail Testing

In addition to the standard urine test, we also perform drug tests through hair follicles and fingernail testing to give very accurate, long-term data in regards to prior drug use.

Paternity Testing

If there are questions of paternity, come to All Clear Employee Screening. We test both the father and the child, and we prefer to have the mother present also. All DNA paternity tests, whether a court admissible legal test or for personal informational purposes, are performed at a lab accredited by the AABB.

DOT Testing

Our facility is set up to comply with DOT-regulated drug testing procedures.

Alcohol Testing

If you need to determine if an employee, friend or family member is under the influence, we can perform an alcohol test quickly to determine BAC levels.


Fingerprinting Services including:

  • LiveScan Electronic Fingerprinting
  • Hard Card (ink) fingerprint cards
  • Conversion from hard cards to electronic fingerprints for out-of-state applicants

Employment Screenings

We provide several pre-employment services such as:

  • Background screening (including, but not limited to credit histories and criminal records as well as Level II Background Screens)
  • Pre-employment screening
  • On-site testing – our team will come to your office and perform drug screening tests and fingerprinting.

Other Lab Tests

We also do ancestry DNA tests.

On- Site Testing

There are many benefits to our on-site testing services. Because we come to you, on-site services are convenient and cost effective which allows your employees to return to work in a timelier manner.

Business owners understand the enormous benefits of maintaining a drug-free workplace. The economic impact of undetected drug use is easy to quantify based on accidents, absenteeism, high insurance rates, and theft—all of which impact the bottom line.

All Clear Employee Screening offers a comprehensive selection of on-site testing, including:

  • DOT Drug and Breath Alcohol Testing
  • Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing (Urine, Breath, or Hair)
  • Hair Follicle Drug Testing
  • Saliva Drug Testing
  • Adulterant Detection
  • DNA Testing
  • Fingerprinting



Call us now at 904-482-1305